Day 1 1/2 of the WTF Tour Blog #1

So, after a hellish day of traveling Monica and I finally made it to Portland last night. We were welcomed with open arms into the home of Lonnie where Shane, Amy, and Shyla were waiting. It felt so good to finally be at our destination! After a few hours of delirious laughter we all hit the hay with heavy heads and light hearts.

We awoke to a beautiful sunny and HOT Portland. My skin welcomed the sun, my belly welcomed some breakfast, and Esmerelda welcomed us to her one woman band van, complete with travel companion Frijol the little black dog that travels with her in FerVANdo.

Now we are cruising down the highway on the way to Eugene. The spot of the first show. Dave Archer is probably already there loading in. For those of you who don't know he is, you should! He paints with a Tesla coil and some of his early work was of planets and used as "windows" on the spaceships of the original Star Trek series. Tonight Dave will be painting LIVE and I personally cannot wait to see that. It's going to be AMAZING!

This is only the first blog of many to come while I'm on the road. Also, I'm about to set up a twitter account for quick updates and pictures and I will also continue to post on Facebook.

So keep checking back to be a part of my west coast adventure!

Luv & Blood!

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