Road Warrior Blog #2 - Adventures in Portland

Veggie Sausages from a food cart on the street. 'Nuff said.

Last nights show went well. Monica and I got a ton of great footage. The one band, Explode-a-Tron?, were AWESOME and hysterical and super nice to boot. They will definitely make it into the documentary.

Right now I'm sitting in a beautiful outdoor area of the venue and jingling all my good luck bells that not only the place will be packed tonight but that I have at least one fan in Portland that will come out to meet me tonight. I've never done a west coast tour so this is all new territory to me. So please, someone hear my bells...

Monica and I will also continue to document and hopefully something fucked up and ca-ca-ca-CRAZY will happen.

Tonight the headlining band is Tokyo Death Stare and with a name like that my only hope is their music is just as awesome. So here's to beautiful Portland and its people. Bring me your heads!!!

Luv & Blood!

PS. My new hero is Esmerelda Strange!!! She is wonderful.

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