Your Local News Update on the Ruby LaRocca Show!

Hey hey hey!

So, I have a bunch of movies to promote that are coming out soon but I hate bombing facebook with 10 posts in a row, so I'll share a few on here too.

First, Fangoria did an article on "Slaughter Daughter" which you can read here

Also, this is the new trailer.


Chris LaMartina & Jimmy George's new movie "Witch's Brew" premieres this October in Maryland. Check out the Dread Central article for more details. Dread Central


Much more news to come, as well as details on conventions I will be at this October which include Rock & Shock, The Kalamazoo Horror Fest, & Chiller Theatre.

Thank you to everyone who goes on facebook and "likes" the pages for both these movies, and thank you for taking your time out to read the articles and watch the trailers. I am really proud to be a part of both productions, and I can't wait for other people to see them too!

Luv & Blood,

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