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I have so much news and so many unfinished stories. It’s been just over a year since my brain injury and I am finally feeling like I am getting back on my feet and I am feeling so inspired and motivated. It’s a wonderful feeling. I definitely would not have made it through the last year without so many people but especially Monica Puller, Joe Miller, Doug Mesner, Shane Bugbee, Rachael Deacon, Matt Dallow, Sean & Janine, Art & Alana, Michael Varrati, Jim VanBebber, Leyba, Mary my lil’ pumpkin, and everyone from acquaintances to complete strangers who reached out to me and encouraged me, shared their own personal stories with me, and showered me with love. I am definitely not done telling the story of all that has happened in the last year and I will continue it as I can, sometimes it’s the last thing I want to even think about and other times I feel like I need to explain more. So, the story will continue. For now I must say thank you and I love you to everyone but the number one person being Monica Puller. She is the most amazing woman in the world. She is so full of strength, intelligence, creativity, talent, intuitivism, patience, empathy, forgiveness, love, sentimentalism, foresight, passion, dreams, convictions, and the power to understand a person for their core and not the projections of themselves, the courage to forge her own path yet the loyalty to never leave anyone behind, and it certainly doesn’t hurt that she is unbelievably beautiful. I would have never made it through without her and I love her. We have a lot of plans for the future, including our own production company. We’ve tossed around a lot of names but as of right now we are calling it “Snatch Devil Devil Snatch Productions.”

So, now onto some news…

I am up for Gore Hunny of the Year! Please help me win!!! All you have to do is go to this link:


Scroll down and you will see a box on the left to vote. I was Miss August. The absolutely BEST part is, you can vote everyday! So, please help a lovely lady of horror become Gore Hunny of the Year by going and voting for me as often as you can, and thank you SO much for voting for me and to The Gore Hound website. If you vote for me please let me know by commenting so I know and I can thank you in person the next round of horror conventions or email me so I can send back a thank you note. My email is Vote for me!!!


This Sunday December 11th at 6pm there will be a screening of the AMAZING movie I was lucky to be a part of in Astoria Queens, NY. I will be there as well as many of the cast and crew. I personally will be taken pictures and testimonials from people about the movie for an article I’m working on for so if you would like to not only be able to see and support independent horror but the chance to be on my website as well as the article for Killer Reviews, please come this Sunday and take part. I would love to get some feedback from audience members for the article. The movie has been winning awards all over the place so I personally promise you won’t be disappointed. Here is the link with all the information on the event.

The Super

Hopefully I will see you there! It’s going to be a really fun night and it’s free! You can’t possibly say no.

I know I have much more news to share as well as thoughts, stories, poetry, pictures, and some good old fashioned randomness straight from my brain to the page but I don’t want to unload it all at one time. As more news comes up, be sure that I will be posting about it here, and like I said I’ve been inspired & motivated so I will be posting a lot more then just self promotional type of stuff and news. I’m back and ready to take on the world! So be ready, because I just might be hiding under your bed waiting for my moment to strike.

Like always ***I support dangerous art, fearless hearts, & the monster inside***

Luv & Blood,

Ruby LaRocca

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