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The WTF Fest is a collaboration of artists from all over the world who are gathering in the beautiful Northwest part of the country to celebrate all things art. There are painters, poets, musicians, filmmakers, photographers, comedians, writers, publishers, doll makers, performance artists, jewelry designers, spoken word geniuses, old, young, men, women, angry, happy, loud, quiet, criminally insane, criminals, or just plain insane, people who have made art their entire lives and do not do it for the fame or glory, the money or prestige, or for any other reason that it is what courses through their veins, the very thing that makes their hearts pump so ferociously, passionately, and even sometimes to their own detriment. But what isn't that what makes great art? Shouldn't it be the way to see into souls or go to places we have not yet dreamed of? Or maybe we have but were too scared to admit it. Shouldn't it make us happy and our hearts filled, bursting with excitement and spilling over into the very core of who we are and take us further to who we will become as we are creatures of everlasting change and evolution. However, revolution should also be a word synonymous with art. I have always believed that art should be dangerous, it should make some people angry and uncomfortable. If it didn't what would it change? It should challenge us, not just the artist but the art appreciator too, and that goes for art in all of its glorious mediums.

That being said...

WTF Fest!!!

Starting April 22nd in Eugene, Oregon the craziness begins.

We still need YOUR help. Please do not let the phrase "staring artist" become a reality to us who are working so hard on this tour. There are only a few days left but there is still time to contribute all dollars big or small count. Please please please visit the kickstarter page, read more about the fest, and donate today!

WTF Fest Kickstarter Page

Also, visit the website for the fest for a complete list of artists and all the tour dates and venues.

WTF Fest Official Website

I also have wonderful news for everyone who cannot attend any of the shows. At the beginning of this year Monica Puller and I started our own production company, Snatch Devil Devil Snatch Productions. We are going to be doing a documentary on the festival that eventually will be available for sale. I personally promise to capture every moment, the ups, the downs, and all arounds. In order to make one of my dreams come true, to make a documentary, I need all of you reading this to go to the kickstarter page and donate anything you can. For those of you in the area, that being Portland & Eugene Oregon, and Astoria & Seattle Washington, come to the shows!!! This tour is a once in a lifetime event.

Support dangerous art, fearless hearts, & the monsters inside all of us!!!

Don't be afraid to be deranged, support the WTF strange! There's a little of us in all of you, or we can arrange for there to be some. Fun, fun, fun!!!

Luv & Blood,
Ruby LaRocca

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