Bored? How 'bout some music?

So, as promised I am posting some found audio, that I thought I had lost forever when my hard drive crashed.  It is from an old radio show I recorded in 2004 (I think) and it's like a personal time capsule.  I still enjoy the music and I play a lot of local bands, sadly some have broken up but others have not!  Like Love Cinema Vol.6, as far as I know they are still rocking hard and loud, as they should.  I also talk about Jim Van Bebber's movie "My Sweet Satan."  I didn't know Jim at the time, but we are now friends and he is my hero!  So, this first show is dedicated to Charles (Chuck) & George and all members of LCV6 and Mr. James Van Bebber.  Love you guys!!!

Rape Bait Radio Episode 1

I hope you enjoy it and be on the lookout for 4 more episodes!!!

Luv & Blood!

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