SURVIVE! Will you?

indie-gogo The Makrogiannis family have become my second family. I love them ALL so much! Not to mention each and every one of them is so extremely talented. I have been fortunate to work with them on "The Super", "Devil Moon", and "The Turnpike Killer". They are a dying breed of truly independent film makers. Fortunately Evan is passing down to his sons what it is be a TRUE artist. Never compromising, working hard, being loyal, and never ever giving up! I feel so fortunate to not only call them my friends but to be working with them AGAIN! This project is extra special. It was written and being directed by the immensely talented young man Liam Makrogiannis. He is the future of underground independent NYC horror films. We all need to remember where we got our start. Who's help will never be forgotten or where we wouldn't be without certain people. This is YOUR chance to ensure quality horror films still have a future and say FUCK YOU to Hollywood! Don't just do it for the people who are making it, or acting in it. Do it for the entire horror community. We need to support each other. Live together or die alone. Please check out the indie-gogo page. I know everyone is trying to raise money these days. Times are rough, we can all agree on that. That's why it is so important to help with any contribution you can. Support the future of horror! Support SURVIVE!!! A little bit about the movie... SURVIVE: The Film Makers Written and directed by 13 year old Liam Makrogiannis. Liam is known for his acting work in the award winning films, The Turnpike Killer, The Devil's Toy and The Super. His most noted work, however, is Devil Moon, a short film, which he wrote and starred in. Special effects for Survive by 15 year old Johnny Dickie. He is best known for writing, acting, directing and creating his own FX in his feature film Slaughter Tales. VHS collectors also know Johnny as the face behind the webzine Video Vendetta. The director of photography is New York Film Academy trained Japanese cinematographer Reiki Tsuno. His zombie movie short "Paddy and Me" was nominated at Tromadance 2012 and Buffalo Screams 2011. Evan Makrogiannis, award winning co-writer and director of The Turnpike Killer and The Super is script manager and collaborator for Survive. Produced by Nik Taneris, New York Horror Film Productions Please contact me if you contribute and I PROMISE to also include special gifts. I have a store on my website, pick something out and it's yours! www.rubylarocca.com Luv & Blood! Ruby

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