Have a Heart For Horror Cookbook

I'm a published writer, YAY!!!

The "Have a Heart for Horror Cookbook" is for sale! Masterminded by Lisa Coffelt and foreword by Heidi Honeycutt. This cookbook has recipes by so many women in the horror scene I can't even list them all here! You can see a complete list at The Tasty Ladies List Just click on the "Have a Heart for Horror Cookbook" in the menu bar and you'll see all the talented women who contributed as well as how to purchase the cookbook and where the money is going.

Be careful with some of the recipes or you may end up losing a limb, or worse! Kitchen tools are dangerous (and fun) weapons! Be sure to try out my "Recipe for Revenge (Apple Pie)" it is as sweet as it sounds...

I'm really excited because this is my first official publication of something I wrote. It is a real recipe, but with a twist. It is a recipe for REVENGE after all. So I added a bit of gruesome, malicious, & delicious horror to my recipe. Let's just say that the final product is a bloodbath with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top.

I'm hungry! Who wants pie?

Love & Blood,

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